Lethal Weapons Disclosed

Since it declared its existence as a state on Palestinian lands or even before it actually existed in 1948, Israel claimed its right to defend itself against all lethal weapons used to resist no matter what kind of weapons were these, no matter if no lethal weapons were really used to resist. With his bare hands, a Palestinian peasant defending his field of olive trees 62 years ago against Israeli soldiers has to be shot down mercilessly though he was holding no trifles, no guns, not even a stone. His cursing words from the bottom of his throat to those strangers with their guns to get the hell out of his field must have hurt their feelings that is to suppose they do have some. After all, Hamlet’s words were daggers. For this, the man has to be punished, killed in front of his olive tree, his lethal weapon of words was thus vanquished and with it the land was declared theirs. They, now, have to use all force to defend themselves against the brutal Palestinians who surprisingly for more than sixty years did not forget their right in this land.

“Israel’s Security” has always been the stated reason for any brutal or bloody act or any war Israel might wage against mere Civilians. Those Civilians are a threat to the “State of Israel”. To this lie, they would provide many trivial inappropriate evidence to the International laws and survive questioning by International community with its double standards. A burned car frame brought to International courts to prove the brutality of the Palestinians who blew themselves in their buses. Why? Well, Israel has not the least idea why those aggressive Palestinians are sacrificing their lives for? They must be crazy or bloody-thirsty. No, the world has found a new word for them. They are terrorists, and Israel has to help put those terrorist with all those, who support them or do not support them or simply stand by accident beside them, to death. After all, Palestinians are all terrorists; they deserve death.

The last war on the Gaza strip was a very normal reaction to the aggressive attacks on settlements by “deadly rockets”. Those homemade projectiles did actually cause a slight damage in the garden of an Israeli settler who might have been sitting peacefully on a couch in front of his TV watching with a smile on his face the Palestinians dying under the siege his state has imposed upon the Strip for his own security. On hearing the roar in the garden outside where settlers and Media have gathered to cover the “deadly attack”, he finally decides to get out to see what happens, he lazily gets off the couch, opens the door of his house, and on seeing the 2o cm. hole in his garden caused by the projectile, he gets a terrible hysteria which causes him and another four persons around him, taken by shock, to faint and be moved to the hospital. The Israeli TV then declares that the settlement was attacked by homemade “lethal weapons”, and five people were unfortunately injured. With such severe actions of terror against its innocent settlers, Israel decides that a war should be waged against terrorism. Those “fatal homemade rockets” become the excuse of a war that lasts for 23 days upon mere Civilians, who might be struck by the F16s while peacefully watching TV. A Palestinian doesn’t suffer hysteria, though, and is not transferred to the hospital at the moment. His body along with his wife’s and children’s have rather to stay under the rubble of the three-story house sinking 3 meters underground by the effect of a 2-ton-bomb of the F16. The bodies, for sure, are threatening the “Existence of Israel”.

And here is the Flotilla, the ships were inspected at each international European or Turkish harbors. Peace activists on the ship reiterated once and again that the ships carry no weapons but tons of aids to the people of Gaza who have been suffering under the siege for the last four years. Israel declares that the ships, carrying more than 700 peace activists from all over the world have connections to Al-Qaeda, Taliban, etc. (I wonder why I didn’t hear the name of Osama Ben Laden though I have probably heard the name of every organization declared as terrorist since the emergence of this term connected to it). The Ships being a national threat to Israel security and a menace which would put the right of Israel to exist on a tight spot must be stopped by any means necessary. The lethal weapons the ships are carrying which we to discover later are mere puppets, wheelchairs, and tons of food, and basic supplies have to be confronted and controlled before it arrives to its destination where terrorists in Gaza probably would use as they used “the F16” they have smuggled through the tunnels in the last war. Well, little Nagham who has lost her whole family in the Last war on the Gaza strip could use her puppet dull to play “ Beit we Beyaout” What? She’s thinking of a house? They should not let this go. Nagham must not get that toy by no means, or else Israel’s security is for sure threatened.

The Flotilla again disclosed the absurdity of their claims. An attack in international water which is a violation to international laws was to be justified by the same claims. Those peace activists are terrorists. They came to Israel with premeditative intention to kill every Israeli they might meet in Gaza. They came with lethal weapons. Food for Israel is a deadly weapon. Books are a threat or else why aren’t they allowed into Gaza. Puppets threaten the existence of Israel, as well. Being attacked in international water, the activists should show no resistance just as Palestinians shouldn’t as well. A soldier breaks into your house, holding a trifle in his hands headed to your little kid crying out of fear. You do not show any resistance whatsoever. Or else you die. You surrender. And you die.

So, if you happen to hear the word “deadly weapons” or “ leathal weapons” weapons on Israeli Media. Laugh from the bottom of your heart, and don’t let your imagination take you so far. I don’t think your imagination could think of wheels, books, puppets, or food as deadly weapons. Only Israel thinks them so. But, as long as these lethal weapons are causing this state of confusion to Israel! As long as Israel thinks of them as a threat, then, Long live our puppets! Long Live Our Lethal Weapons!

Sameeha Elwan