When I was a child, there was that story they used to tell to warn us from the consequences of lying. “Do not be a liar”, my teacher warned us over and over again, or else no body would believe you. “Do not play tricks on people” They repeated. “You’ll end up drowning”. “Do not fake the role of the wolf’s victim. Someday, people would just get fed up and you’ll end up losing it all.”

Now, I wonder how long they would keep faking it and run away with it. How long would the world believe their continuous lies? The Moral Army? The Democracy? I still do not have the slightest idea on whom I should place the blame, though. Should I blame the mainstream media for taking the side of the oppressor? Or should I blame the “ordinary reader” for being “uncritical”.

Pardon my rudeness. I do think I am still under the effect of that devastating seminar on the “New York times coverage of the Second Intifada” that I attended this week after which I concluded that maybe one day I would die and my death would simply be reported as “Collateral Damage”. How devastating is that?

The past week could not pass unnoticed.

The whole world has heard and watched the news of the death of “Jawaher Abu Rahma” last Friday in a demonstration in Beli’n . Her death was followed by debates whether she died of inhaling gaz or not.

For me, all those spokespersons, reports, and medical investigations that took place to justify the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma seemed absurd.  I do not care whether she had an asthma or not, whether she died of inhaling gas or not. She did die, protesting. Had not any one wondered why would a 36-year old Palestinian woman with some “medical complications” as claimed leave her house on a Friday to shout in a protest, knowing that she would absolutely put her life in danger? How critical a reader should be to realize what this Palestinian woman stands for?

His wife clutches to a photo of his with a bloody red background that matches the red colour of her husband’s blood stained all over the white blankets and walls. Omar Al Qawasmi, 63, was already dead when he got to the hospital. He did not inhale some gas at a protest. He was not protesting. He was peacefully sleeping when he was shot by Israeli soldiers who broke into his house in the peaceful hours of dawn. His wife was praying.

With several bullets in the upper part of his body, it would have been absolute absurdity declaring his death a result of some “medical complications”.

Those soldiers, who mercilessly headed their guns towards the old man lying in his bed, unarmed, shieldless but of a blanket to protect him from the frigid cold, must have not thought about how much harm they would cause the image of “the moral army”.

What followed were voices of regret from the “Most Moral Army” over the cold-blood murder of an old man.

They might have the power to fake the most blatant of lies. We have the truth at our side.

So far, the boy will keep running to tell his false story. But, one day the world would eventually realize “there was no wolf”.

8th January, 2011