6. a.m.

The breeze of air is tempting

I wonder how much love we could fit

Between a cup of coffee and a day’s routine

Maybe a walk along the beach

That’s more than an hour

The coffee and you should suffice

To make this morning perfect

Maybe the sound of Fairouz in the background

Could add to the rhythm of peace

Of this unusually quiet morning

You and me alone in the back of my head

And a quiet cup of morning coffee

And half an hour till that breeze of air reaches for your cheeks too

Wakes you up to demand your cup of coffee and me

I hold my phone in my hands, ready to text you

” I’m craving a cup of morning coffee with you”


The morning is no longer calm, and the sky is roaring

I curse their rude invasion of my dreams

I plug my ears with more dreams

Yet I fail


I swear to take an action.

I hold my phone up in the sky waiting for their next invasion to record

The world has to listen to a record of their insolence

And I think of a story.. I should make a story about the abnormality of my morning.

I wait ..

They have left

I wait..

I get tired.

But it’s not me who makes the story.

I only record.

8:00 a.m.

“I was craving a cup of morning coffee with you”