Here I was born. In Gaza, Palestine.

I’m a 22-year Palestinian who after witnessing a 23-day War felt obliged to talk about the injustice done to our people who for the last 62 year have been witnessing an immense brutality and a vigorous attempts of ethnic cleansing by means of displacements, massacres, and war.


I did survive a war after which  “kids still go to schools, doctors and nurses still take care of their patients, men and women go to their to work, organizations have their meetings and people continue to live which seems to be an offence to all those Israeli extremist who simply want all Palestinians either in prison or driven away completely. The military solution which they have tried hasn’t worked at all and never will work”. Palestinians will continue to survive.



In quest for freedom, equality, and life, I write. For the love of the land, I write. With a faith in humanity, I would still write.

Just Remember

“Remember the solidarity shown to Palestine here and everywhere… and remember also that there is a cause to which many people have committed themselves, difficulties and terrible obstacles notwithstanding. Why? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights.”Edward Said.


Sameeha Elwan





23 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think i saw your blog before. Keep it active Sameeha. You have the talent and the tools.

  2. iLove !

    Keep it up, sweetie 🙂

  3. i know this style/theme! i saw it somewhere 🙂

  4. Hello! nice blog! excellent work that you are doing, go ahead!!

    I read your interview through http://www.elpais.com

    all the best!!

    And Happy International Women’s Day 🙂

    From Medellín, Colombia

  5. Carlos Herranz said:

    Hi Sameeha,

    Mi name is Carlos Herranz, i am a journalist from the spanish public radio. I would like to interview yourself (by phone if it s possible for my radio programme in Spain). It will take you only 5/10 minutes by phone. It s possible? Thanks very much! Give my a phone number contact and i will call you today if it s possible for making the interview about your work in your blog. Thnaks a lot!


  6. Hello,
    Your articles a pure inspiration. My family is from Palestine and I have travelled to Westbank in 2003. I live in Toronto, Canada and im forever learning about my country Falisteen.

    I would like begin writting articles too, as I just finished my first year at UofT. Or travel to Gaza and become a true activists.

    Could you write an article explaining how you go to writting and with so many fans!

    Thank you Sameeha,

    With love,


    P.S my email is sabrinaazraq@hotmial.com, and my facebook is Sabrina J Azraq, I can help promote your articles everywhere.

    • Dear Sabina,

      I am truely happy to see that a Palestinian from the West Bank who’s now living somewhere in this world is reading my blog. I am happy you liked it. My story with writing is a bit long but believe me, as long as you feel that you want to do it, all you have to do is to grab a pen and start writing down what you feel. I might not be a good writer, but I try to write what I feel, and what I experience and what most of my people have long experienced. I was listening to Suad Amiry speaking at Tedx Ramallah today. She’s the author of “Sharon and My mother-in-law”, a book that changed my whole perception of writing, and she was saying, “I woke up and oops I am a writer” Happy again to have you read my blog and I hope I’d see you writing soon.



      • Hi Sameeha,

        Thanks for letting the world know what is really happening in that part of the world. I’m Moroccan and I have a few Palestinian friends (from Gaza too), friends who sensitized me to the Palestinian Question. In my turn, I am trying to sensitize my Moroccan friends too and I am asking for your authorization to use your publications and writings for that purpose.

        By the way, I’ve seen Suad Amiry’s video on youtube too. This woman is very strong and I like the way she thinks.

        Keep doing the nice work Sameeha.



  7. GiovanniP17981 said:

    great Sameeha!!!
    hello, I ve read your blog.
    what you do is very important. if I can help you in anyway (devolpment of articles,news etc)I ll be proud to do.

    p.s. I m following you on twitter 🙂
    with admiration


  8. Hanaa D said:

    you are a great writer Sameeha. keep it up and let you pen describe whatever you see in Gaza. this is a powerful way to convey our suffering to the world,,,,,,
    May Allah guide your steps

  9. Cheryl B said:

    Hi Sameeha,

    I have read your blog with great interest! You are a really gifted writer.

    I am doing research into Palestinian bloggers for the Jordanian Institute of Diplomacy in Amman, Jordan. We are looking into social networking and its growing influence in the Arab world and I am specifically looking into bloggers in Gaza. I will eventually submit a paper to our conference on the topic.

    I hope to go to Gaza in July (tentatively July 13th-16th) if I can manage through Rafah!

    If you are able to meet me (for just an hour), that would be great. Please email me at c.k.brumely@gmail.com.


  10. Hi Ms. Sameeha !
    Id love your blog

    Keep it up

    with my love !*

  11. elinor davidov said:

    Dear Sameeha
    My name is Elinor and I’m an Israeli activist and journalist.
    I’m writing my thesis on Palestinian national identity in the Internet and i am following your blog for a some time now (with a great pleasure), and of course eddor the EI
    few days ago i told my editor about it, and asked her if she would be interested in an article about Palestinian bloggers.
    I’ll be delighted to have you on my article, among others I’m trying to reach.
    the paper is “Yediot ahronot” , and I’m writing in the weekend edition (“7 days”).
    Best Regards
    Elinor Davidov

    • Dear Elinor,
      I’m sorry for the belated reply. Thanks for following my blog. But, I prefer not to conduct an interview for Ynet. However, you are free to quote my blog whenever you need.
      Thanks for contacting me

  12. Assalammualaikum sameeha , good blogger . I pospey from Malaysia was read and follow your blog after i saw your intervieu at you tube . We here support your blog anda your faithing.

  13. Hi Sameeha

    I am doing a project for a journalism class on Palestinian bloggers and would love to chat with you. If you could please get back to me and maybe we could talk that would be fantastic.

    Bill Braun

  14. I just discovered your blog through twitter (which I now follow you on). I wanted to write to show support for you, your blog, and the Palestinian people.

    I am American, born and raised in the United States. I believe the creation of Israel was a crime and the continued occupation is most unjust.

    Most of what I learn comes from Western media so I look forward to reading your blog to gain a better perspective from someone living through the hardship of occupation.

    Thank you for your posts. Feel free to follow me on twitter or message me anytime. (elfuser78)

  15. Hi Sameeha,

    I came across your weblog and am really impressed! You can be very proud about the job you are doing here 🙂

    Because my current work and research about palestinian resistance and internet, I was wondering if you would be open to help me a little; I would be very interested in doing an interview with you! Would you by any chance be open to participation?

    this interview can be as long or short as you like it to be 🙂 and would be conducted preferably via skype. You can contact me any time if you are curious or have any questions!

    ma3 jazel ashokr,

    Juliet Muhlbauer

    skype: juliet.muhlbauer1

  16. Reem Abu Kmail said:

    excellent blogger Sameeha..go ahead >>i really support your posts

  17. We from http://www.englishpal.ps would like to get in touch with you directly. Can you contact us? Thank you!

  18. I found you on Twitter today and followed you then I saw your address for your blog and after a couple of attempts I managed to find you, I am new to WordPress and have just started a Blog myself although theres not much on it at the moment but I have read a few of your posts and I find them so touching, I have been an activist for a Free Palestine for a number of years now and the situation both in Gaza and the West Bank disgusts me and makes me so angry that Isimply could not just sit and do nothing about it I have had comments on my FB saying it’s nothing to do with us why are you bothered about it, it doesnt affect us” and trying to explain to these people that it does affect us and if they do not get moved by the plight of the Palestinian people then there is something wrong with them is a hard job although I have managed to get it through to some people who simply did not know what was going on because of the bias of the media who refuse to say what is really happening and take Israels side and blame everything on Gaza and Hamas, especially the BBC. The Zionist State of Israel is a problem of the world, they are the ultimate racists and they pose a threat to the peace of the world. I love your posts on here and have been moved by the few that I have managed to read just today, I hope you continue to post, your writing draws me into a world where many of us have not been, I intend to come back and read some more and keep reading. Are you still living in the UK?? I pray that Palestine will be free, Keep up the great work Sameeha you are an inspiration…..from pamela @ pamelamcmorris.wordpress.com

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